Finding a home to match your lifestyle

There are plenty of good reasons to enter into a house share, but usually it is down to the not-so-exciting issues around cost and affordability. However, more renters are opting for house shares as a lifestyle choice, and that means being able to find the right group of housemates to live with.

Roomio makes finding a household that matches your requirements simpler by helping its users to express the lifestyle a new housemate can expect.

Young house mates smiling, drinking tea together

We also believe that by removing some of the ‘unknowns’ about the household you are considering joining, and by providing more information about the quality of life you can expect, moving home and beginning a house share is a less stressful and anxious process than it has been in the past. In fact using Roomio to meet potential new housemates makes the process an enjoyable one. Roomio is also about community - we provide a platform for people to describe the lifestyle of the household as well as the neighbourhood they live in. It’s our goal at Roomio to keep exploring and introducing new ways for our users to learn more about the city, town, neighbourhood and household they are contemplating joining - so that more informed and better decisions can be made.

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Roomio is free and simple to use:
Sign up and create your profile.
Add images from Facebook and Instagram.
Connect your social profiles.
Search for a household to match your lifestyle.
Send a message to arrange a viewing.
If you don’t hear back, send a reminder that your viewing request is waiting.
We’ll also let you know about other potential matches.
Connect to households via Roomio and find a new home to match your lifestyle.
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