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Why choose Roomio?

Roomio improves your odds of finding new housemates that you will really hit it off with. Express the lifestyle of your household by including photos and video from your social media. This way, potential new housemates get to know a little about you and the rest of your housemates before applying, saving a lot of time and hassle for everyone.

Express your home-life in sound and motion

Show the character of your home with video

Upload video direct from your smart phone to help potential future housemates get to know you and the rest of the household.


Let music tell the story of your household

If music plays a major role in your household, display a Spotify playlist on your Roomio ad for a real flavour of what it is like to be part of the group.

Supercharge your advertising

Select one or more marketing features to boost your ad's performance

1 Double ad size, double visual impact for a small weekly fee
2 Choose prioritised ads to rank higher in search results
3 Instant access to home-seekers that match the profile of your place

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How Roomio Works

Express Your Lifestyle

Add photos from your social media accounts. Add property shots and display your household’s favourite music to really express the lifestyle of your home.

Fuel Your Marketing

Roomio is free to use, but you also have the chance to boost ads with features such as double ad size, priority ad positioning and home-seeker matching service.

Meet Future Housemates

Receive enquires from potential tenant matches. Roomio makes the introduction you arrange to get together, and you all live happily ever after.

Guide for Tenants

House shares that match your lifestyle

Guide for Tenants

Tips for a safe viewing